How to Apply

1. Download Application Form (MS Word)

2. Apply by e-mail( )

* Application for the exhibiting space should be made only on the attached Application Form and must be submitted to the MachinSoft Secretariat office.

Participation Fee

Type Size Fee(USD) Remarks
Space Only 3m×3m(9㎡) $2,500 Only Space Provided
Standard ShellScheme 3m×3m(9㎡) $3,000 Basic Facilities Installed
Premium Shell Scheme 3m×3m(9㎡) $3,600 Premium Materials Used

Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment * Exhibitors must make payments by the date specified on the invoice * Only Exhibitors with full payment are eligible for booth allocation
Bank Details * Bank Name : Woori Bank (Seo Yeouido) * Bank Address : Eunhaeng-ro 17, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postcode: 150-101) * Account Number : 085-012672-01-001 * Swift Code : HVBKKRSEXXX * Beneficiary : KOAMI (Korea Association of Machinery Industry)


Exhibitor Type Goods&Services Provided
ALL • Space(9m²/booth)
• Exhibition Guard
• Cleaning Services(Hallway Only)
• Free Electricity for illumination(1kw/booth)
• Free Listing in Directory
• Free Invitation Tickets(PDF)
Standard Booth • Back and side walls 1m wide and 2.5m high white laminated 3mm thick plywood panels joined by aluminium section.
• Acrylic fascia (nameboard) 1m high and 2.5m long board at a height of 2.5m with Exhibitor's name in color letterings designated by the organizer on translucent acrylic background. *No trademarks, logograph or ad. words are included.
• Stand number tag attached on the pillars of the stand.
• Ceiling covered with aluminium gratings by 1m2 each at 2.5m high.
• Floor covered with fire-proofed carpet, laid on concrete.
• Lighting a continuous fluorescent tube mounted behind fascia and 3 spotlights and 2 long arm spotlights mounted on g ratings each booth.
• Furniture: an info desk and a folding chair will be provided to each exhibitor regardless of the dimension of stand.
Premium Booth • Premium materials used for installation
• Company Logo printed on Fascia Board (Booth Panel)
• Furniture: an info desk, a folding chair and a brochure holder will be provided to each exhibitor regardless of the dimension of stand.

Utility Services

Type Unit Price
Electricity (Light/Power) 1 kw $80
Compressed Air 9mm 1 unit $200
15mm $300
20mm $450
Water Supply & Drainage 1 unit $200
Internet 1 line $250
Visitor Management System (Bar Code Reader Machine) 1 set $250

Exclusive Offers for Exhibitors