Digital Factory

• System, Solution, Model, Service and Device related to Digital Factory
•Technology & Solution related to Digital Twin
•Manufacturing Solution (PLM, PDM, MES, ERP, etc)
•Solution related to Modeling & Simulation (CAD, CAM, CAE)
•Solution related to Additive Manufacturing and Robotics

A.I. & Big Data

• Technology related to A.I. Machine Learning and Deep Learning
•Solution and Device for Big Data Management&Analysis
•Memory DB, OLAP, Data Mining
•Data Security & Application Technology

Cloud Computing

• Device & Technology related to HPC
• Equipment & Technology related to NAS, SaaS, Paas, IaaS
• Cloud Security and Support Service
• Platform Service, Technology and Solution related to Cloud

IoT, AR·VR, Manufacturing Service

• IoT, M2M(Remote Monitoring, Location, Production Management, Communication Module, etc)
•DPSS, PHM, Smart Sensor Solution
•Machine Vision, Imbedded System, Industrial SW&App
• AR/VR, UAV, Autonomous Driving Device, Technology and Solution
•Blockchain and Solution related to Fintech

IT, a Companion to Digital Manufacturing Innovation

“MachineSoft 2019”is the very first exhibition in Korea that is specialized in Manufacturing IT Solution Industry.

MachineSoft is a compound word of Machine and Software, representing “Digital Manufacturing Innovation” in IT Industry.

As the 4th industrial revolution has come, boundaries between industries have collapsed and every information is accumulated and utilized as data. Likewise, Korean Manufacturing Industry is in the midst of change and innovation.

Now, take part in MachineSoft 2019, feature your premier IT Solution to manufacturers seeking Digital Transformation and become part of “Manufacturing Innovation”.

Data-driven Connected Technologyy

MachineSoft2019 presents the direction of Digitalization to take for Korean Manufacturing Industry to be wellprepared for the future in which data is central to everything.

A variety of key solutions and devices that connect product design, engineering, production, operation and maintenance services will be shown. And these devices applicable at each stage will be introduced.

Feel Connected, Transform Together!

MachineSoft2019 will be held with KOMAF2019. For the first time in Korea, a Comprehensive Capital Goods Exhibition and a Specialized Exhibition in IT are held together by KOAMI.

Digital Mounfacturing week Korea 2019 will link KOMAF 2019 to MachineSoft 2019, cultivating the environment in which Manufacturing and IT Industry prosper through reciprocal interactions.

With 42 years of experience, KOMAF is the most authoritative and representative exhibition among Comprehensive Capital Goods Exhibitions.

Concurrent Exhibition, KOMAF2019 will be held in a large scale in which approximately 700 exhibitors from 30 countries participate and more than 70,000 visitors gather.

Exhibitors participating in KOMAF2019 will seek for IT solutions for Digital Manufacturing Innovation. So, MachineSoft2019 will be the optimum market to feature your technology.